ISS-Home Inspector Training (Program)

Inspection Support offers education courses for home and building inspectors. You may enroll in as many as you like, all (best buy) for one package price of $999.00* ISS999, or enroll in just those that you need. We also can provide the courses in-class or through a hybrid mix where sufficient numbers exist (min. of 20 participants). Our education and delivery meets a number of education standards, including acceptance in BC and Ontario. Our background includes 9 years of in-class and online delivery in the college system in Ontario at Humber College, workshops and inspector seminars at national conferences as well as in face-to-face delivery modes. BC Approval - ON Approval - Courses also meet various association credits including NHICC, PHPIC & OntarioACHI.


Courses included: (Click on course name link for Course Syllabus)
Courses intake:
3 semester system that starts Jan 1 to March 31st, 2nd semester April 1st to June 30th, and 3rd semester September 15 to December 23rd
Course grouping1
:Fundamentals, Electrical, HVAC, Ethics, Course grouping2:Plumbing, Building Science, Structures.
may be completed in 2 semesters. Groupings run every other semester. Link: Training schedule

ISS100 - Fundamentals - 40 hours
ISS101 - Plumbing - 80 hours
ISS102 - Electrical - 80 hours
ISS103 - HVAC - 80 hours
ISS104 - Structures - 80 hours
ISS105 - Building Science - 80 hours
ISS106 - Ethics & Report Writing - 40 hours

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Note: Tuition varies depending upon the courses you choose. Online courses start at $88.25 or $166.50. We offer the complete package* for only $999.00 which provides access to the online course notes and scheduled exams. We strive to ensure our courses are both flexible and affordable. The courses are primarily web-based and complimented by "direct instruction" including weekly directed learning via Skype/FaceTime™ (webinar) based learning discussions, facilitated by experienced and highly qualified home inspection practitioners. The courses are designed to be simply convenient to access and designed to meet your personal learning schedule. ISS100 may be challenged with support documents for equivalency review through Prior Learning Assessment Review and 80% grade on the challenge exam.