PD & Continuing Education

IMPORTANT NOTICE - ISS Closing December 2023

Inspection Support Services offers "PD (Professional Development), upgrading and training" courses for inspectors. We can provide courses in-class or through a hybrid mix where sufficient numbers exist (min. 20 participants). Our education and delivery meets a number of education standards, including acceptance Ontario and with Consumer Protection BC & Services Alberta. Our background includes 9 years of in-class and online delivery at Humber College in Ontario, along with workshops, inspector seminars and also at conferences. Link: BC Approval - Link: ON Approval - Courses also meet various association credits including FNNBOA, NHICC, PHPIC & OntarioACHI.

Our PD & CE Courses

The ISS Oonline Training & Professional Development courses may be started at almost any time you choose. Tuition varies and is listed noting credit hours and price. The course syllabus (outline) is available by clicking on the course code. Please note registration fees vary (+HST) depending upon your home location. *In-class courses have a minimum participant number requirement that must be met. Certificates are offered upon "successful" completion. Click on the appropriate "Register Now" province where you reside. The following presents the opening home page of our "Online Education Portal". TBA - To be announced - coming soon!

  • ISS-PD201 - Commercial Inspections (20hrs Online - $200.00 - In-class $550.00)
  • ISS-PD301 - Intro to IAQ (Indoor Air Quality - 8hrs Online - $50.00)
  • ISS-PD302 - IAQ - Build/Renovate (8hrs Online - $75.00)
  • ISS-PD303 - IAQ - Mold Remediate (16hrs Online - $125.00)
  • ISS-PD305 - IAQ - Mold Remediation Workshop (16hrs In-Class-TBA w/R. Nokes $150.00)
  • ISS-PD306 - IAQ - Residential IAQ Investigator Training (3day+ TBA w/R. Nokes)

  • ISS-FN401 - Inspecting Existing Dwellings (32hrs Online - $350.00)
  • ISS-FS001 - On-Site Mentoring (Toronto area - 8hrs On-site - $200.00)
  • ISS-FS002 - Mentoring & Field Supervision (40hrs On-site (Toronto) + 10hrs Online - $900.00)

  • ISS-CE203 - Country Living (Water Supply & Waste Water - 2hrs Online - $25.00)
  • More offerings coming soon!
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  • British Columbia (BC), Alberta (AB), Manitoba (MN), Saskatchewan (SK), Quebec (QC), Territories (NT)
  • Ontario (ON)
  • Atlantic Region (AL)
  • Training Notes

    Tuition varies depending upon the individual courses you choose. We strive to ensure our courses are both reasonablly flexible and affordable. Most courses are web-based and complimented by "direct instruction" including directed learning via Skype™ (webinar) based learning, facilitated by experienced, highly qualified home inspection practitioners. Several in-class courses are offered in the Toronto area. The courses are designed to be simply convenient to access and designed to meet your personal learning schedule.

    Most of these courses are NOT semester based but rather a co-operative agreement between student and instructor. Need further information feel free to contact us. - email us.